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Terms & Conditions/Rules and Management Policies

1. General

In order to make your stay at the Residence Wollzeile as comfortable as possible we would like to draw your attention to our general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will apply to all Guests during their stay here at Residence Wollzeile and will serve as the contract between Guests and the management of Azalea Hotel Management Gmbh (hereinafter referred to as the "Management").

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") apply respectively to contracts for the renting and use of hotel rooms, the apartments for accommodation/hospitality as well as all services and supplies delivered to the Guest by Azalea Hotel Management (referred to as the Management ).

The term Guest refers to an individual (natural person), who makes use of the accommodation. By being our Guest you become a contract partner. Any other person(s) who travel(s) with or is in the apartment of the contract partner will be considered Guests for the purposes of this contract.

Under the accommodation contract the contract is understood to be between the Management and the contract partner.

The Management rents out furnished apartments for the purpose of Guest accommodation. All listed prices are inclusive of all taxes and fees. The terms and conditions of the Management's prices and offers are subject to alteration and are non-contractual.

The terms and conditions contained in this accommodation contract between the Guest and the Management shall be the primary point of reference; in the matter of any unforeseen/unresolved issues the terms and conditions of the AGBH 2006 (Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006) will subsequently be referred to.

2. Booking and Reservations

If you require any information you can contact us by phone or email. When booking in writing or by email the Management considers that you are making a binding reservation for an Apartment. The contract starts as soon as the Management confirms the booking by email. The reservation is deemed to be in place on receipt of an initial payment of 50% of the total amount of the booking or through a security deposit/hold on a valid credit card. Before the conclusion of the booking you will be requested to refer to and confirm our terms and conditions. Please check your booking confirmation immediately to ensure it is correct. Any issue with the booking must be brought to our attention within two working days. Demands received after this period will not be considered and will not lead to a cancellation of the contract. Upon booking you agree to accept these terms and conditions. If you have any special requests or would like further information or even to share your comments or feedback with us please email

3. Residence Wollzeile is a No Smoking zone

We would particularly draw your attention to the fact that the building is a no smoking zone. Smoking is forbidden in the Apartments as well as in the corridors and stairwells. Ashtrays are provided for smokers in the Pawlatschenhof (inner courtyard). In case of fire- caused by a guest- we will charge € 1.000 to the guest´s bill.

4. Payment

The total cost of your stay minus the deposit must be settled in full before your departure. In the case of a stay of more than one month, a month's rent must be paid in advance when checking in. Also at check in, a deposit will be required. For each subsequent month payment must be made in advance, before the first of the month.

We accept

Payment by Bank Transfer
Payment in Cash
Please contact our Reception on +43676 6666 301 when paying in cash)
Debit Card Payment
Additional fees apply : on payments up to €500 there will be a charge of € 5,00, on payments from € 500.01 there will be a charge of € 10,00
Diners Club
Additional fees apply: on payments up to €500 there will be a charge of €5,00,on payments from €500.01 there will be a charge of €10,00

We do not accept any foreign currencies or cheques.

Please note that in the case of late payment a charge will be applied to your bill. From the sixth day a flat rate late payment fee amounting to €15 per reminder will be added to your bill.

Guests using a valid credit card, as per booked arrangement, will on arrival be asked for an additional Security Deposit of €50,00 per day for incidental and extra expenses.

5. Length of Stay/ Deposit

For a stay of longer than 6 months an additional rental contract is required to comply with the law governing rentals, also a deposit is payable.

The damages deposit is payable on arrival. The deposit will be refunded to you on departure less any costs, where applicable, against any possible damages. No interest will be paid on the deposit.

The deposit for up to one month's rent will be one week's rent.
The deposit for up to six month's rent will be one month's rent.

6. Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy applies from the time of reservation as follows:

Room with a daily rate
No charge up to 3 days before arrival after that 90 % of the total cost of the booking will be charged.
Rooms with a weekly rate
No charge up to 7 days before arrival after that 90% of the total cost of the booking will be charged.
Rooms with a monthly rate
No charge up to 28 days before arrival after that 90% of the cost of a monthly stay will be charged.

Concerning late arrivals, early departures or no-shows 100% of the cost of the total stay will be charged.

7. Check-in

We do not have a full time permanently staffed reception.

Check-in is from 15:00 to 20:00/ late arrivals are possible by arrangement.

We will ask you to give us your estimated check-in time when making your reservation, but at the very latest please let us know 48 hours before your arrival.

In the case of Guests not arriving by 20:00 there is no obligation on the part of the Management to provide accommodation unless a later check-in time has been agreed.

If the Apartment is required earlier than the indicated times, this may be possible subject to availability. For the use of an Apartment before 11:00 there will be a charge of €50.

8. Management Responsibilities

The Austrian Registration Act stipulates that every Guest must be registered with the Police. To this end every Guest must fill in and sign a registration form before using the Apartment. Marital partners can be included on the form and therefore do not need to fill out a separate Guest registration form. The registration forms will remain with us and will – except for inspection by the relevant authorities – not be passed on to third parties. It is the responsibility of Guests to ensure that only people who have filled in the appropriate registration form spend the night in their apartment.

At the request of the Management Guests may be required to furnish an official form of photo ID such as a valid passport, a valid national identity card or current driving licence.

9. Check-out

Check-out is from 08:00 to 11:00.

If you wish to leave before 08:00, your bill must be settled the day before departure by 20:00.

Please inform the Management if you wish to use the room after 11:00, this service is subject to availability and there will be an extra charge. In the case where the Apartment is not vacated at the agreed time, the Management reserves the right to clear the Apartment and to store the belongings of the Guest until their return. In addition the Management reserve the right to bill the Guest for an extra day if the rented Apartment is not vacated on time.

10. Apartment Housekeeping

For a stay of between two and seven days Apartments will be cleaned daily. For a stay between 7 and 30 days Apartments will be cleaned every second day including a change of bed linen.

For stays of over a month please contact the Residence housekeeping team for the weekly Apartment service clean.

End of stay cleaning
For stays of 14 days or longer, a more thorough cleaning of Apartments is required on Check-out.
This deep cleaning starts at € 180 per Apartment and costs may vary depending on the level of cleaning required.

Number of Guests
The number of Guests in the Apartment must not exceed the stated number without the express permission of the Management.

11. Concierge Service

Our staff are at your disposal from

08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday and

Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00 to 16:30.

During these times please feel free to give them a call with any questions you might have. You can also make use of our Chat Messaging to contact the Concierge service with your questions. We'll do our utmost to deal promptly with your requests.

In case of Emergency there is a 24 hour emergency number available.

12. Luggage storage/Checkroom

Subject to availability in our storage area Guests may leave their luggage, at their own risk, in the left luggage office for up to 30 days.

13. Liability, alternative accommodation

The Management is responsible for correctly administering the reservation as well as the provision of the Apartment. However in the case of unforeseen events: "Force Majeure" etc. the Management reserves the right to offer the Guest accommodation of equal value. This also applies in the event that an Apartment may not habitable due to defects, maintenance works or other operational requirements. If no such accommodation should be available the Management will then try to procure an acceptable alternative for the Guest. The Guest can choose one of the alternative proposals or can cancel their reserved Apartment without incurring a charge. We will not accept any further liability.

14. Right of access

The management reserves the right on the grounds of reasonable suspicion to inspect Apartments during rental periods. In cases of emergency where potential damage is suspected or to prevent such potential damage the Management may enter Apartments without prior notification to prevent any such suspected potential damage or to remove any imminent dangers.

Furthermore Guests must allow any workers accredited by the Management access to the Apartment to carry out inspections, cleaning or urgent repairs. In these instances Guests will be notified as far as possible in advance of the time of the visit and the privacy of Guests will be respected as far as is possible.

We would remind Guests to lock all doors when leaving the Apartment and when going to bed.

The contract partner as well as all other Guests herewith explicitly declare to use the Apartment and all the contents of the property at their own risk and to release the Management from any future claims for compensation. The Management accepts no liability whatsoever for items brought in by Guests.

15. Domestic Pets

Should you wish a domestic pet to accompany you please consult the Duty Manager. Pets must be small, tame and non-dangerous. An additional cleaning charge of € 25,00 per day will apply. For weekly and monthly stays respectively, the charge will be € 30,00 per week for the additional cleaning involved.

16. Peace and Quiet at Night

Between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00 we would ask Guests to keep noise to a minimum and reduce any noisy activities in their Apartment to ensure a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for everyone at night.

17. Maintenance and Damage to an Apartment

We would respectfully remind Guests of their responsibility to treat the Apartments and the objects and equipment therein with care and respect.

Guests must inform the Management immediately of any damage to objects or equipment in the Apartment and of any threat of damage to, loss of or destruction of objects and equipment.

Guests are responsible for all damages and impairments to the rented rooms and their contents in as far as any damage that might occur is beyond ordinary wear and tear. This stipulation also applies to damage and impairment of the rooms and contents by any third party staying in the Apartment with the consent of the Guest.

18. Responsibilities of Guests

Guests are solely responsible for complying with all current legislation governing: entry and exit visas, health documentation and insurance and any particular passport or visa requirements. In case of doubt please contact the appropriate Embassy or Consulate. Any travel delays or cancellations due to non compliance with, or lack of knowledge of, current legislation and requirements concerning: entry and/or exit visas, health related documentation, passport or valid visas etc. will in no way affect the due dates of notice for the application of cancellation charges.

Guests must treat the Apartment as well as all fixtures and fittings with due care and diligence.

House rules insist on quiet periods. Guests must observe and respect these quiet periods.

On departure the Apartment must be clean and thoroughly cleared of personal belongings with the Apartment's complete and damage free inventory returned to the landlord or their representative. Guests are liable for all damage they cause either deliberately or by negligence and must undertake to reimburse in full the costs of repair of damage. This includes, but is not limited to, things such as breakages of glass, damage to or staining of furniture and textiles, burn marks etc. In case of the loss of a key the Management can arrange for a new lock to be fitted with two chipped keys and will invoice the Guest. If a key is lost by a guest we will charge € 150 to the guest´s bill.

The Guest is responsible for regularly disposing of all their rubbish. Rubbish containers have been provided in the inner courtyard of the building for the use of Guests. For safety and security reasons Guests must inform the Management of any absence of more than 14 days occurring within the rental period.

19. Miscellaneous

The Apartment must not be let out to third parties or sublet in any way. The management are not liable for any theft, loss of or damage to property: nor for Guests' injuries or illnesses. Any complaints or defects must be reported immediately so that the Management can rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

20. Photos and Videos

The use of photos and videos of the Residence for commercial purposes or for public use is expressly prohibited.

21. Conditions for the use of W-LAN internet access

  • We will give you a passcode to access the system. This code is only given to Houseguests who agree to the following conditions of use and sign the agreement.
  • Use of the system is free of charge and it can be used as long as the Guest is within the Management operated areas of the Apartments. There is no guarantee, on the part of the Management, for continuous availability of internet access. The passcode must not be disclosed to third parties.
  • By issuing the code the Management assumes absolutely no liabilities. Usage is governed by technical capabilities and availability.
  • Herewith any liability especially for warranties and damages is excluded. In particular no liability is accepted for the content of accessed websites or downloaded files. Furthermore absolutely no liability with regard to possible viral attacks through the use of the Guest-LAN will be admitted. The user expressly acknowledges that the Guest-LAN only permits access to the internet and is not equipped with a virus shield or a firewall.
  • Accessing pages with illegal content and the dissemination of illegal or legally protected content is forbidden.
  • It is also expressly prohibited for users of the Guest-LAN to download or distribute in any way whatsoever copyrighted or protected content.
  • Any misuse of the Guest-LAN especially a use that could extend to adverse legal consequences for third parties or the Management is forbidden
  • Should the Management through the use of the Guest-LAN be exposed by a user, for any reason, to a third party claim the user has a duty to indemnify and hold the Management blameless in this situation
  • By breaching these conditions of use or on suspicion of a breach; the use of the Guest-LAN can be blocked arbitrarily at any time.
  • Liability for Data loss is expressly excluded.


The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

The Management reserves the right to add to or change these terms and conditions at any time. This is the current version of the terms and conditions. It is recommended that you consult the up to date terms and conditions before each new booking